Looking for a piano teacher who combines traditional classical piano lessons with modern popular styles?

 A strong emphasis on practical music theory enables students to be equally capable at reading music and playing by ear. This inspires creativity and equips students to excel as soloists as well as playing along with other musicians.



Lessons are tailored to your musical goals


Reading, theory and listening skills combine to develop a well-rounded musician comfortable playing at home alone, for friends, or with other musicians.


What all can I learn?

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Singing + Playing
  • Songwriting
  • Recording + Beat Making
  • Church Music

How much does it cost and what does it include?

Weekly 30-45 minute lessons cost $50 per lesson and are billed at the beginning of each month. If a student has to miss a lesson, with 48 hour prior notice, I will do my best to find a makeup time during that week. If I must miss a lesson for any reason, I will ensure that a suitable makeup lesson time is reached.


Where are lessons?

Lessons are taught at my home studio between 12 South and Belmont Boulevard.


Parent Involvement

Parents of younger students are expected to attend lessons in order to learn how much his or her child should be practicing and how best to encourage a young music student.

Students should aim to practices at least five days per week. A long practice the night before a lesson is not as effective is steady practice throughout the week.



Piano and guitar teacher with formal education and real world experience


I have a masters in piano performance and pedagogy and a bachelor's degree in classical piano performance. I teach piano at Belmont University and work as a classical voice accompanist. I also have years of experience performing live with bands on keyboards, guitar, bass and vocals. My years of education and teaching experience while also working as a performing musician give me insights to to help you meet your musical goals.

I also write and perform as the lead singer of the indie band Mariela.